Thursday, September 3, 2009

Happy Toast Is In Business!


Welcome to our new blog we hope you'll enjoy everything we have to offer on here! Basically we just wanted to introduce ourselves to you! We're two girls currently studying in our last year at university who both enjoy shopping, music, going out, chilling with friends, dancing etc. etc. BUT we have a slight obsession with...MAKE UP! We just LOVE the stuff!
Watching YouTube videos and generally having a look around UK shops we know of the lack of availability of products from companies such as NYX, Red Cherry Lashes, Kate, Majolica Majorca, Forever21 etc! We also know how much of a hassle all these shipping costs can be so we've decided to bring all these goodies to your doorsteps! We will be selling products from brands such as NYX, Red Cherry Lashes, Forever21 and more at reasonable prices within in the UK for our British ladies :) We are also looking into bringing highstreet inspired clothes and accesories at a fraction of the price!
Have fun browsing and look out for more goodies such as other beauty related items, accesories, and even clothing and reviews to come later!
p/s: Forever21 things are limited so once we have them in stock, get them fast :) everything is brand new and with tags!
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